Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dr. Z's Bama preview

Look Out. Here comes the Evil Empire

I hate this game. But it's here. The Crimson Empire comes calling this Friday. And we don't stand a chance.

Or do we?

2002: Georgia had just ripped our collective guts out on a 4th and forever. Our starting backfield was out. That particular starting backfield happened to include Carnell Williams and Ronnie Brown. Not to mention a fullback who's hobbies included giving himself tattoos.

Bama was steamrolling in 02. Auburn promptly showed up, went up 17-0, and cruised behind a little white guy running the ball.

I'm not saying it's likely but anything can happen.

I don't have to tell any Auburn fans headed to the game that the Bammers will be hard to be around. These people have really short memories. Or maybe I should say just black spots, because they have no problem remembering the Bear, who died when I was 7 years old. They have a really hard time remembering things after that for about the next twenty eight years, except for 92. That they can recall, but nothing after that until last season. I dated a girl in college like that. Always blacking out a not remembering the night before. She was fun.

I will give Bammers this, they are the rosiest people in the world. Every year you will hear them predict a national title. Eternal optimists no matter what, and for 2009, they may just be right.

Let's be real. Bama is by far the best team Auburn has played all year by a long shot. We will need a break or two or five. Eltoro needs to play. We are all hoping he can go. Todd needs to have his best day. Actually insert anything here related to Auburn. Everybody needs their best day Friday. Coaches, players, fans, band members. We'll all need our best day.

If it happens that Auburn pulls over a win it is a shocking wonderful surprise. If not, well we still exceeded expectations and the future looks bright. I'm with Jerry at Warblog. Let's enjoy this one. A year ago, we were dead and buried.

Now, a year later we exceeded expectations and are racking up in recruiting. This coaching staff took no depth, medium talent, and won seven games. We're not done by any means. Give us a year maybe two. Why not start Friday?

Auburn 24
Evil Empire 21

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