Monday, November 16, 2009

Georgia Reax: Zigged when we shoulda zagged

I have to say despite the depressing loss to Georgia on Saturday, we had a blast in Athens.

Gotta say thanks to Dr. Thomas, the longtime team eye doc for the Dogs gave us 45 yard line seats. By far the best I have ever had for a college football game. It's who you know I guess.

After paying an arm and a leg to park in Red Dog's yard (yeah, called himself Red Dog). We walked up to the main strip of Athens, and found a cool little sandwich shop and sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather and chatted with some really nice UGA fans over some draft beer.

I have to ask the question: do the UGA girls all get together and decide to wear the same thing to the game. Virtually every girl had on a dress and boots. Was there a mass email I missed? It got to the point where I had to say "Nice boots." to every co-ed we passed. Most just laughed and said thank you. Props to the one girl who asked me how old I was. Touche' Yes, I am too old to make comments about your boots, but know it was all in fun.

I have to say that Athens is a pretty cool college town and the stadium is one of the best in college football. It is pretty hard to navigate, and the breezeways/tunnels are too small to get through. I had a pretty interesting conversation with another college kid while taking 30 minutes to navigate through the mass of people in the breezeway.

The kid who was probably a soph at UGA asks me "Did you go to Auburn because you couldn't get into Georgia or Alabama?" I replied, "Actually, I got into Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, Alabama, and Auburn, among others. I didn't apply to Georgia because their academics are watered down by the Hope Scholarships. Oh and kid if you want to talk to me, call me Dr. (I never play the Dr card, but in this instance, it just seemed right)

I then asked the kid what he was getting his degree in. Quite predictably he said psychology. To that I said "With that degree get used to saying 'Want fries with that?'" The kid then told me something I wouldn't repeat on this blog. If only I'd gotten into UGA maybe the conversation could have been avoided.

As for the game, I really thought we did everything right in the first quarter. We came out and punched them in the mouth. The thing is when you use the boxing metaphor, you really need to, you know, finish with the haymaker. We never used said haymaker. And the INT that killed us...oh man, not the best time to be on the wrong page guys.

We really just kind of hit the wall in this game defensively. I thought the first half was pretty well played. Fairly obvious that depth killed us at linebacker after Eltoro went down. One day we will not have to talk about depth being an issue. One day.

Everybody hates losing the rivalry game, and I hate it when we all say that this season already has exceeded expectations. Maybe that's true, but I think when we look back on 2009, we'll see another win or two we left out there.

Well, a week to rest and then it is Iron Bowl week. Where we throw the record book out the window, right? Enjoy the long needed bye week everyone...


  1. It's not just UGA where the girls wear dresses and boots( it's a Taylor Swift thing), check this my friend and i were at homecoming and thought maybe we should count how many girls had on dresses and boots we gave up at 150, and that was just us standing on the ramps behind the student section,LOL!

  2. Huh, who knew that a singer who cannot sing could be such an influence...