Monday, November 9, 2009

Furman Reax and other musings

Dude, save some of that for Amen Corner

63-31. All of our wishes come true: big first half lead, starters get a much needed break We saw lots of new faces. I thought it was a great day.

-Chris Todd/Neil Caudle, you guys were off the hook. I don't care who you're playing, those stats are ridiculous.

-Any doubt Antonio Coleman feels better? Just in time for Amen. Here's hoping he terrorizes the Ginger Ninja from UGA all night.

-Oh special teams. Just because we call you Frenchy, PPL, does not mean you have to perform like France's military in WWII.

-Speedwagon, please be 100% for this weekend.

Other musing:
*Do LSU fans say "We got Heauxsed"? Seriously, I watched the INT replay 50 times and I still can't tell. Also Les, that is why you don't call a punt block on 4th and 5 1/2.

*Brandon Spikes isn't man enough to play soccer in the Mountain West. Coincidentally, Urban Meyer felt that given the heinous nature of Elizabeth Lambert's dirty play, she should be suspended from the soccer banquet at the end of the season.

War Eagle! And bring on the Dogs of the Hairy variety.

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  1. Auburn has a good chance in the UGA game if Todd plays well and our D can slow AJ. If only we could TACKLE!