Thursday, November 5, 2009

D.Z's Furman Preview

Happy Homecoming! This week it's the Furman Paladins. Anyone else hav to look up what a Paladin was? In case you didn't, Paladins were knights that fought in the crusades or something. All this tells me is that Furman must have been founded by a history professor.

It is a pretty campus in the foothills of South Carolina and a really good school academically from what I hear. I already mentioned Furman is an arch rival to my wife's Alma, Wofford. She is so entrenched in the rivalry I asked her some really nasty things to say about Furman she said, "It is a really pretty campus and it's good academically. Thanks babe, you have gotta love those heated SoCon rivalries.

For the game this week, we need to score 30+ by halftime #1 to build confidence and #2 to get our starters some rest. I don't care if this a Ball State type 54-30 game as long as Bynes, Stevens and Co get a breather. We need the rest.

I have heard a few App St/Michigan reminders this week, but let's face facts, Furman is no App St. and Auburn is better than that Michigan team. Furman's .500 and has given up a ton of points this year.

We should handle them with ease, prep for UGA, and gets some rest.

Auburn 52Random historical figures-21

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