Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bama Reax: Reap the Whirlwind

Alabama won it's second Iron Bowl in as many years yesterday. In doing so they learned a very valuable lesson: things are as close as they have ever been.

It took one game in Tuscaloosa a year ago to think Auburn was dead and buried in the stink that is Bryant-Denny.

It took one Saturday afternoon in on Pat Dye's field to show that "light years ahead" is not so far as one might think.

Auburn stood toe to toe with Alabama, something I honestly cannot imagine even as I type these words. Not after the meltdown at home against Kentucky. Not after the Bayou beatdown where I questioned everything from Chris Todd's health to Ted Roof's qualifications.

I see in this loss an Auburn program on the cusp of something great. I see a team laying its guts on the line for a coaching staff it believes in.

I see a bright future. Is there any question who the playmakers were on the field yesterday? Darvin Adams did yesterday what he's done all year for us in being the best receiver statisically in the SEC. He and T-Zach are playmakers in an offense that highlights playmakers.

Is there any doubt after watching yesterday and all season who the top offensive players in the country will want to play for? Guz Malzahn took a guy with a dead arm and turned him into a record holder. Two recievers you've never heard of before La Tech are now tops in the league.

Is there any doubt that Gene Chizik is a players' coach? Rob has mentioned countless times how he would have loved to play for a coach that not only pays attention to the defense, but is right there high fiving those guys as they come off the field.

Auburn's close folks. This year, for all of it's mind numbing meltdowns in that three game losing streak, has been a rousing success. A bowl vicotry gives Auburn 8 wins, and that's about 4 more than I thought they'd get.

So for all the heartache the 2008 season caused, 2009 helped all Auburn fans believe again. Let's hope we continue in this direction.


  1. GREAT blog Dr Z it gave me chills! I agree on every level of that, it's fantastic! I am looking forward to the future at Auburn! WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!

  2. I saw it coming....UA-T tired, dazed, sleepy at first. Looking ahead to UF, cover of SI curse. My prediction was 30-29. We could not get there. But oh the joy of their bloody crimson noses through 3.9 quarters. Section 41 was rocking so loudly that the floor was vibrating (never noticed this in 07 IB or 06 UF game) My hat is off to Roof and his players who used bailing wire and duct tape to stop UA-T's running game. See you all at our bowl game, eeven if it is Legion Field!!!

  3. P. S. No one "beat the hell" out of anyone Friday. (lame cheer)