Monday, November 21, 2011

Samford Review (AU 35 Samford 16)

My apologies for no Samford preview. Obamacare has me implementing a new EHR (electronic health record)in my office that benefits no one...except the EHR software development companies bottom lines. It has me working more hours, documentation is worse, wait time is increased, and I spend more time looking at my computer than at patient's eye balls. It's a classic case of governmental red tape reducing the quality of health care in this country...but I digress!

Samford. Unbelievable. I took my family and thought for a long while I brought them to the worst upset in the history of Auburn football. Samford came unimpressed nor intimidated by the surroundings and played inspired football. Auburn came uninspired nor excited about the opportunity to sharpen its play prior to the most important game on the schedule...this weeks Iron Bowl. As a former player, I fully understand the mindset. It's virtually impossible to be emotionally charged against a team you know nothing about. As fans, we shouldn't blame the players one bit. If you were in Jordan-Hare Stadium Saturday, you are well aware it was as serene and peaceful a stadium as I've ever seen. Auburn tennis matches are louder. It was louder Sunday morning during my church's worship and praise. So don't get on players for not being emotionally charged when we all know none of us did anything to create an atmosphere to spark enthusiasm!

That being said, we continue to struggle mightily in the trenches. Our defensive front was stalemated at the point of attack allowing Samford to rush the football with far too much success. The Samford QB was never sacked on 33 passing attempts. Running lanes were enormous from the upper deck...section 107...row 24 (no...I don't get free tickets...people ask that all the time. I scalped four 1/2 an hour before kickoff for $130 and had three given to me by a friend). Offensively, the turnovers were silly. Coach Malzahn was as upset as I've ever seen after the McCalebb fumble. Even the mild mannered Malzahn had seen enough to cause a Saban-esque explosion.

I do continue to be impressed with true freshman DB Jermaine Whitehead. His instincts, awareness, football IQ, and playmaking abilities will elevate him to another level on this defense for years to come. He has a chance to be a special talent. Erique Florence is another young DB with all the potential in the world. I was also happy to see Trovon Reed become involved this week with several catches and elusive runs. Clint Moseley can be a weapon if given time. Auburn will face its most difficult challenge all year keeping Clint upright this weekend against Alabama.

Again...I don't look at the game against Samford with excitement nor discontent. They did enough to win, stayed relatively healthy, and honored one of Auburn's greatest treasures in Samford head coach Pat Sullivan along the way. If I had any negative feelings about the game walking down the ramp from the nose-bleed section with my kids, they were put into proper perspective by the Samford band as it played "It is Well With My Soul"...a far cry from the post game jeer we'll hear Saturday immediately following the contest by either winner (although I DO LOVE the Auburn version of Rammer Jammer!! In fact I lost my voice for a full week provoking the Tide fans after the comeback win last year in their/our house!).

Let's support our team, our program, our university this week and every week thereafter knowing how lucky we are to be Auburn Tigers! Be thankful this thanksgiving season for the many blessings God has graciously bestowed upon you with the firm understanding things could always be worse. Your fan bases' living legend could be named Harvey Updike! IT's ALWAYS GREAT TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER!!! WAR DAMN EAGLE!


  1. Hey Rob, I was six rows behind you (Sec 107, Row 30, Seats 13, 14, 15, 16) and can echo everything you said here. I know we will play better against Bama, but the question is HOW much better? LSU, Georgia, Clemson style performances aren't going to cut it. We have to come out and play on both sides of the ball. War Eagle!

  2. .....Hey Rob, I saw that you were mentioned by Kevin Scarbinsky in this week's B'ham News. Just wanted to say that I'm on the side of folks who love what you have to say. Some folks don't think a former player should comment. I think your viewpoint is invaluable.

    .....That said, I'll have to agree to disagree on Ted Roof. Chiz has had him this long, let's see what he does with a stronger line and a loaded, experienced secondary next season. Now, if there's philosophical differences that are preventing Chizik and Roof from working together well, that's a whole different matter.

    .....Lots of folks are predicting big staff turnover this season. Let's hope that doesn't gut recruiting!

    .....War Eagle! I always enjoy what you and Zach post!

  3. Thanks Acid for your comment! My hope is Roof and Co. devise a solid game plan and play great defense against Bama, follow up with a positive bowl outing, they decide to keep things as they are and I'm forced to eat my words. It's a pill I don't mind swallowing one bit! Thanks for being being polite and humane in your disagreement! That I respect.