Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bama Reax-Season to Forget

I hope that's not a contract extension.

2010 was a season we'll never forget as Auburn fans. 2011 will go down as a season we wish we could forget. 5 losses, none of them close. 2 losses we blew a 14 point lead. Blown out, embarrassed by arch rivals.

Most of us can stomach 7-5. If the losses were close. Now we look for answers.

To me, it has to start with Ted Roof. Rob and I both have advocated for a new direction on defense. In 2009 we blamed lack of depth. Nick Fairley covered up a whole lot of problems last year. This year we used inexperience early. But this unit got worse. No improvement, just regression.Those of us who grew up with Hall, Oliver, Chizik, Muschamp know That defense at AU is a cornerstone. Under Ted Roof, it has been an afterthought.

Offensively, I am just as disappointed. I wondered aloud in the summer about why exactly we were interested in Russell Wilson. I think now we know the answer. It's easy to be an offensive genius when Cam Newton is your signal caller. It's also a much simpler job when you have an experienced offensive line. When you have neither, you get 2011. As in 14 vs Arkansas, 10 vs LSU, 7 vs UGA and 14 (none on offense) vs Alabama. We are rudderless without a decent signal caller. Trotter and Moseley at this point are not even close to being SEC caliber quarterbacks. Frazier may develop into a good one, but at this point he resembles another sought after high school quarterback from Arkansas. That guy wound up having a pretty good career at receiver for the Tigers.

I expected and expect better from Auburn. Two top 5 recruiting classes and a third on the way say so. We must continue to improve. 2011 is a cast away season.

I too see a bright future on the plains. There is too much talent there for me to think otherwise. We'll see some changes in the off season. In all likelihood Guz will be headed for a head coaching job. If and when that happens, do we stick with the same type system or go more in a pro-style direction?

And like a 40 year old house, it's time to replace the roof. It's leaking, and it will eventually destroy the house.

I love Auburn and nothing will ever change that. I still believe in Chizik. I think he has been a great get for our school. I am with him. He needs us as fans to support him, as do the players. I'm still all in. I know you are too.

War Eagle...

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