Friday, November 11, 2011

Dr. Z's Georgia Crybaby Preview

After the 2010 version of the South's oldest rivalry, we spent 2 weeks listening to our neighbors from the east cry about their loss to Auburn:

"Nick Fairly's dirty. He tackles too hard."

"Cam Newton's should have never played in the game."

"Michael Dyer Runs too fast."

They even have several youtube vids giving a digital face to their whining:

The armchair psychologist might call this projection. Perhaps they are so unhappy with their own sad program that they must try to point out the things they dislike most in others. I might feel the same way if my team was in a horse race in the SEC Least division. When you are duking it out with the Gamecocks minus Lattimore for a spot to get eviscerated by LSU you might project in the same way.

In any case I'm done with the UGA fans and their whiny mediocre team. If you swap the schedules of AU and UGA you know what, UGA would be 5-4 right now, and Auburn would be 8-1.

And Georgia is a 13 point favorite in this game. That line looks pretty out of whack to me.

The key to this game for Auburn is to stack the box and stop the run. The dogs have no superstar receivers. Play press man and see what happens.

On offense, we cannot be afraid to let Clint Moseley throw the ball. I'm hoping we see more first down throws this week. I expect Mr. Blake to be amazing Saturday.

Here's another game where special teams might win Auburn another game, or lose Georgia another game. UGA's near the bottom in the country on kickoff coverage, net yards per punt, and kicker Blair Walsh has been so bad he's been known to toss his helmet in the garbage can after one of his 10 missed field goals this year.

First team to thirty wins it...

Auburn 31
Crybabies 27

Oh, and if you really want to experience sheer bliss, check out this clip from Rob's Jr year at AU and my first semester at Optometry School....


  1. .....Thanks so much for posting that video! It was one of the most amazing Auburn games I've ever seen! And it really came out of nowhere. We had lost 5 in a row, and were losing to Central Florida before that, and the dam broke on them as Auburn scored 3 times in the last 5 minutes.

    .....Then, here came Leard. As great as Cam Newton was, he never surpassed that passing total for that game. Leard still has the record.

    .....I hope you're right, and Rob's wrong on the game. I'm making the long drive to Athens tomorrow morning, to cheer the Tigers on. War Eagle!

  2. might be time to change the diaper, Auburn laid a S-T-I-N-K-E-R Saturday between the hedges.