Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dr.Z''s Iron Bowl advice-Wreck it.

So sorry I didn't get this out sooner, but my game day is live from Folly Beach SC. Lots of family stuff to do today so I'll get right to it.

Nobody gives you a shot to win today Auburn. You are a 20+ point dog at a place where you haven't lost since 2009.

They say your offense is a shell of its former self. You have a defense that only looks decent when the offense downshifts to Mal Moore speed.

You have been pretty decent this season, say the experts. 7-5 is a great year for a team that lost so much from a 2010 National Championship. But you know better.

Now walks in Alabama, with their world gift wrapped for them. Sure, they could have taken care of business in there own house a couple weeks ago, but they choked it away against LSU. Since then we've had to endure whining about kickers, and rampant speculation about how they could backdoor their way into a rematch for the national title.

All that pretty much happened by the way. Every star aligned for Bama. Beat you tomorrow Auburn, and they get their wish.

So here is my advice to you, Orange and Blue: Wreck it.

For all of us who have to listen to the noise from the other side of spoiled, entitled Bammers. For the fans who adore you and live and die with you. Those of us who choose you because we believe that to be successful requires work...hard work. We cherish every win, every championship.

The other fan base? Not so much. They believe that every Championship is theirs. So much so that they claim ones that aren't. So much so that if you win it, they poison your oaks.

So no prediction today. I'm not going to break down offense v. defense. Just a request:

Wreck it. Everything has gone right for the entitled, tree-poisoning Nation. It's time they are reminded who the defending national Champion is. Or who holds a winning record in the series since Bryant died.

We all need reminding sometimes.

Wreck it.

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  1. Well that was a wreck of a game just about anyway you look at it. Where was Dyer? I mean 3 yards and a pile of dust is better than nuthin.
    I don't think any Auburn fans were expecting a win, but we were definitely expecting a better game plan than "run around and look lost." I really felt for our boys, they deserved better than what they got from Chiz and his staff. Once again Freeman looked like one of the characters out of 300 as he was defending his ground against a never ending Bama assault.
    Our O Line has never found their rhythm this year and I think that they have looked best when they are plowing ahead with the run game.
    No need to complicate anything, just give dyer the ball and plow forward. The stable is stocked with great backs for the next couple of years let them run. It just seems like coach M should have had more to work with, but obviously I have no idea what I am talking about.
    Anywho, while I'm sure everyone was hoping for more this season, I just wish that this team could have shown steady progress as opposed to flashes of brilliance and then not being able to compete with true top 15 teams. We have the talent and hopefully now we have some experience, I hope the coaches can get their end going.

    Rob and Zack, I just wanted to pass along a big thanks for all the time you take with your blog and the radio show. It's a really treat.
    War Eagle!