Saturday, January 15, 2011

Here's to You Wes Byrum

So an old Auburn friend told me I left out Wes Byrum in my game review. So I thought I'd take a look back at his game winners.

Let me preface this by saying I equate kickers to relief pitchers. They are quirky, often eccentric, but definitely characters. Position players might even resent kickers a little. (Rob could tell you more about that) But they have a pressure filled job. Wes Byrum excelled in the brightest of spotlights.

2007 Florida-Nobody gave Auburn a chance in this one. Auburn jumped out to an early lead and played Tubby ball the rest of the way. Byrum came out, lined up and kicked the game winner, but pre-anxiety attack Urban Meyer called timeout just before the snap. So Wes lined up and kicked it again. Gator chomp to Urban and Timmy T followed, and later Lou Holtz was named honorary "thenator" from the state of Flordia.

2007 Arkansas- Byrum kicked three field goals, including the game winner to knock off the Hogs on the road. Will Muschamp was quoted as saying "F$&^%* awesome, you m(*^^%*&^%&& kicker you!!!"

2009 Outback Bowl-Byrum kicked the game winner in OT to close out the craziest Auburn win I'd ever seen...until the 2010 Arkansas game.

2010 Clemson-Byrum nailed another game winner in OT. The Clemson kicker is rumored to have put up a poster of Wes in his dorm room after the game.

2010 Kentucky-Cam Newton drove Auburn all the way down the field. Byrum jogged out, kicked the game winner, then jogged off the field like it was no big deal.

2010 BCS- Byrum ended his Auburn career with a chipshot field goal that sent every Auburn fan into a state of bliss that may never wear off. Honestly, did anyone think he'd miss that kick?

So, my apologies Wes for not mentioning you in my game review. Hope you get a shot in the league and have a great career. If not, you'll probably get a job as a marine sniper or bomb diffuser.

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