Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Lookback-Georgia

Going In...With the Alabama loss, Auburn had a chance to win the SEC West outright. We had our concerns of course. The media sh*tstorm around Cam had reached fever pitch, with Joe Schad's erroneous reporting and Thayer "sleeps with billy goats" Evan's hit job, some even speculated Cam would not play at all.

What happened...Cam played all right. He torched the Bulldog defense both running and passing. Nick Fairly was all over the place. His tenacious play led to a late hit which led to a "code red" from Mr. Class Mark Richt. The Georgia bench cleared but Auburn was the only team that day to have suspensions. Oh and Auburn again turned a tight game into a laugher in the fourth, winning it 49-31.

What did it mean? Auburn had won the West with a game to spare. We were beginning to think big things, as in bigger than just an SEC title. The Evil Empire loomed on the horizon. There was no way we could get behind and expect to comeback again, right?

Oh, and we again learned that Georgia fans a are a bunch of whiny b*tches.

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