Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Lookback-Ole Miss

Going In...A possible landmine in Oxford was waiting for the Auburn Tigers as they took on an down Ole Miss squad with a potentially scary QB in Jeremiah Masoli.

What Happened...Cam caught a TD pass on a rainmaker from Kodi Burns. Auburn laid waste to the Rebel Black Bears from there on out, cruising to a 51-31 shellacking. The game was over by halftime. Ole Miss got a couple of mop-up TD's to make it seem closer.

What Did it Mean? Auburn was 9-0 at this point. Cam had locked up the Heisman. Basically this team was hitting on all cylinders by game 9. A cupcake was next up for homecoming followed by a struggling UGA. It looked like the Iron Bowl would decide the SEC West.

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