Sunday, January 9, 2011

THE Championship preview--For All The Marbles

Walt Disney's about to sue somebody's *ss.

So after a month and some change, here we are. The pinnacle of college football is a little more than 24 hours away. I can barely sit still.

This dream that we, as Auburn folks, have had for so long can come true tomorrow night. Am I nervous? Check. We have come so close before, only to be robbed by a computer poll or A.P. voter. 1983, 2004, throw in '93 if you'd like. Now we control our own destiny. For all of the uselessness of the BCS, God bless that system, for this year anyway.

I watched Oregon a few times this year. Pat Dye called them "pretty sporty" a few weeks back. I agree. They are good. They play fast and unorthodox. They have a great running back and a host of good receivers.

But as I look through that schedule, I see plenty of cupcakes. Stanford aside, there's not much to impress. USC is rebuilding and not very good. They destroyed Tennessee in Knoxville, but anybody with a pulse this year beat Tennessee. The PAC-10, save Oregon and Stanford was mediocre at best.

Now Auburn has not had it so easy. They ran the gauntlet of the SEC West. Arkansas, LSU, Bama. They won in tough places on the road. They fell behind a lot, then came back with a vengeance.

Much has been made about match-ups. The power of Auburn vs. the speed of Oregon. But let's be 100% honest, is Oregon any faster than LSU or Alabama? No way. Bama and the CornDogs are fast...and big. I cannot see how Oregon can hang in with the Auburn offense unless we flat give it away.

Oregon's Achilles heel is pressure right up the middle. Cal made Oregon's life miserable right up the gut. Who's that Lombardi trophy winner that destroys people from right up the middle? Oh yeah. His name's Fairley. He'll be in the backfield all day.

I do think Oregon scores quite a bit in this game. They will test the edge. Eltoro better have a great game. But again let's be honest. 2 or 3 stops is all Auburn will need. Hold them to field goals when you can. Make then drive the ball like you've done all year, and we got ourselves a crystal football.

I think Auburn's size and pace is too much for the ducks. I am showing my SEC bias here, but I think we are the better team from a better conference. We are going to win this game because we have to. I believe that. I believe in Auburn this year like no other year.

All in. All the way. Win for Auburn.

Auburn 49
Ducks 34

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