Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Lookback-LSU

Going In...Can you say Epic Showdown? Rob and I were heading down to this one, sitting in a one of the crazier sections not specified for students. Who knew educators from Chambers county could be so nuts? (thanks for sharing the whiskey, ladies).

What happened...Auburn dominated in the trenches. The box score showed a very lopsided game, but thanks to some brilliant LSU punts, the game was tight until Ontario Speedwagon tore off a 70 yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter. The home crowd was outstanding, and the defense showed up late to seal the deal. I got to see two epic beatdowns that day, after watching a girl pummel some poor guy at 17-16 while enjoying a cold one after the game. Ahh, college...

What did it mean? Auburn was beginning to look like a team of destiny. Cam was beginning to look like a Heisman frontrunner. I officially began to call Auburn a contender.

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