Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Lookback-Arkansas

Going in...We were looking for a score-fest. Neither defense was very good. Ryan Mallett was the real deal, and Petrino was still a smug unhappy little man. It's hard to believe that D-bag was an eyelash from being the Auburn coach.

What happened...The scoreboard nearly exploded, even after Mallette was KO'd by Nick Fairly. The Razorback-up QB was out of his mind good until the Fourth quarter, where 2 INT's sealed Arky's fate. With 2 minutes left, I was rebounding for my three year old on her kiddie hoop. All was right with the world.

What did it mean? Boy our offense is good. Boy our defense is bad, especially against the pass. The secondary looked totally lost. But Auburn was 7-0, and all of a sudden we began to dream of an SEC title.

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