Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dr. Z's West Virginia Preview

When they hit town, try not to stare.

I can honestly say I do not know what to think of the West Virgina folks. They seem boorish, cocky, and according to many of our friends who made the trip to West V last season, downright mean. Maybe this is because the play football in a lousy conference. Maybe it is because they are still mad at RichRod for wanting to get out of there.

I can understand, I guess, being in a foul mood from the RichRod stuff. The cockiness, not so much. Having thrived (if you call averaging 9-4 thriving) in a bad football conference for the last few years riding the coattails of Pat White.

When they show up on the plains Saturday, make sure you smile at these people and welcome them, and put your couches under lock and key because WVU fans love to burn couches. If you're nice enough, they might even offer you moonshine and smoked raccoon at their tailgate.

As far as the game goes, I am sweating this one a bit. Before the season began, I was counting this one as a loss. Now things are different. Like many Auburn fans over the last few weeks I have become addicted to touchdowns. I cannot get enough of them. Tubbs and the BBQ bunch tried to make me quit cold turkey last year. Now I have Gus as my new Dr. Feelgood.

If you like touchdowns and crave them as much as I do, you will love this game. I have a feeling it will be an up and down game with a lot of big plays. Noel Devine (great porn name BTW) is a threat from anywhere. WVU brings in a senior QB who has not played much until this year (ask UGA and Joe Cox how that's working out).

I am reading that the 'Ers will likely be missing two defensive starters with injury...bad news when you are trying to slow down Auburn's Warp Speed attack.

I think this one comes down to the wire. Take the over in this one...and try not to O.D. on touchdowns. and trust me, I 'm a Dr....

Auburn 41
Tripping Billies 38


  1. nice picture...and porn name suggestion!!

  2. Other porn name contenders on WVU roster
    1. Boogie Allen
    2. Najae Goode
    3. David Lockwood
    4. Scott Loving
    5. Cody Nutter
    6. Anthony Wood

    You should put up a poll!