Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dr. Z's Ball State Preview

Ball State's most famous alum is David Letterman. Actually he's the only Ball State Alum I've ever heard of. Like Ball State, Letterman had a pretty good 2008. He managed some pretty good jokes at the expense of John McCain and Sarah Palin. In 2009, both appear to have faded back into obscurity.

I can say I am glad we didn't play this bunch in 2008. Last year we might have been in trouble. The Cardinals were a a stellar 12-2 last year. Nate Davis was a stud QB. Head coach Brady Hoke made all the right calls. Both are gone now. Hoke took a better job and San Diego State. How bad is your program when your coach leaves for a better gig at SDSU? Nate Davis left early for NFL riches. Most of the O-Line, receivers, corners, etc are all gone. The result? 0-3 with loses to N. Texas, New Hampshire, and Army. You have to hand it to them, nobody goes to the outhouse like this bunch of Cardinals.

One cause for concern is a jittery little 5'6" running back named MiQuale Lewis. He was named to the Doak Walker watchlist earlier this year, and is a bit of a home run threat.

Here's one amazing story I read about Ball St. They have a 33 year old defensive end. That's right. Brandon Crawford is a 33 year marine veteran who at age 29 decided to play football. This guy is my age. He's playing college football. I could not even imagine trying to get out there and play a competitive sport at my age, considering I pulled my hamstring while vacuuming yesterday.

My blog buddy Rob might very be able to get out there and do it. He still runs marathons. Oh wait,sorry, half marathons. Cowboy up, Pate. You need to be more like Mr. Crawford. He's a man. He's (almost) 40!

Anyway, Auburn gets back to basics on D this week and tackles the little running back. We force a couple more turnovers for good measure.

Todd plays well again, and Ontario finds the edge again this week. Hopefully Neil Caudle throws a TD pass or two in mop up time this week as well.

Auburn 54
Fightin Lettermen 10

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