Monday, September 21, 2009

W. Virginia Reax: Confused...But Happy

Okay. Raise your hands if at 14-0 you thought this was over.
I will freely admit that. We've been conditioned over the last 3-4 years of watching Auburn to think game over when we get down 14 points. Our M.O. has been been to get ahead and hang on for dear life.
I spent the evening prior to the game at a fancy wedding at a resort on the Isle of Palms, S.C. where I endured a conversation with this pompus little Charleston D-bag in a bowtie who told me how Clemson "pulled an Auburn" in their earlier game. Ugly win,he said for the Purple Tigers. As I walked away to get another bourbon/ginger I thought to myself how ugly and hard we have been to watch over the last few years. Not just for us Auburn fans, but for everyone around the country, including 25 year old D-bags who wear bowties & keep their Costa Del Mar sunglasses croakied right around their neck during a wedding. Seriously dude, put the shades in your pocket. Your fraternity days are over.
It's hard because we a conditioned to think we are toast after watching our defense get shredded. Something new happened this week. Something I cannot recall in years of Tubbervillian rule. We got up off the deck, didn't panic, and got back in the damn game. Noel Devine was all he was cracked up to be. I hope he goes on to a great NFL/adult film career. But we held him in check just enough in the second half to make a difference. It was refreshing in every aspect.
Stop our running game? No sweat. Chris Todd, Darvin Adams & Co will make you pay. Rack up yards against our thin defense? No problem. We'll create our own opportunities with pressure and turnovers.
For good measure we'll then crush your soul with Super Mario.
So what does the future hold? No idea honestly. I will tell you I think we will be in most games just because we can score, and we make the other guys turn it over.
I thought we were going to get our doors blown off after getting ripped by the "Ers in the 1st. I will admit it. But this is a different year, a different attitude and a different Auburn football team.
We're not there yet. But we are alive and kicking...


  1. Zack...thank you for making me laugh after a long, hard day! I haven't heard D-bag since I was in high school!

  2. Hey Glad to help, D. I just call em like I see em