Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thoughts on weekend #1.

Pretty nice Labor Day weekend if you are an Auburn Tiger fan. AU punks LaTech. The Hollis guy at (who picked LaTech to win) looks like an idiot a little earlier in the year than usual. Chris Todd shows off his bionic arm (can't you just hear Dr. Andrews sayin "We can rebuild him, we can make him stronger, we have the technology"). I have watched that 93 yard TD pass to T-Zach 15 times on my DVR. My favorite part is just after the pump fake and right before Todd releases the throw. If you listen closely you hear ESPNU color man Brock Huard say "uh oh..." like he new I was going to spill my beer all over the living room. I even showed it to my 2 year old-"Watch the touchdown, baby." She replied with "Aubie fast. Watch Elmo now."

The best thing about the game is it gives us some hope for the future. Unlike2008, we have a coherent offensive coordinator who doesn't look like he "lives in a van down by the river". We also have a coaching staff who believes in Gustav's system, and the results are nearly 600 yards of offense. The defense, after the most consecutive faskmasks I've ever seen, played pretty well.

The other great thing about the weekend is LeDarius Owens commits to Auburn. We are now stacked with Linebackers in this class. Rob texted me from the Pelham High gameFriday night with "Holland is a beast." Now just goout and find us another lineman or three and we should be solid.

So at least for one weekend things are looking up. I think if we have another solid weekend against the Maroondogs, we have a shot to shock some folks this year.

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