Monday, September 28, 2009

Ball St. Reax-As Expected?

Sometimes I forget which #12 I am watching lately...

After 2008 I should never say a game went as expected. I read our friend Jerry's game review over at warblogeagle. I agree pretty much that even during that UT-Martin game last year, we were in doubt (at least somewhat) as to how the game would turn out. To me, it was a pretty scathing indictment as to how far and how fast the Turberville regime had sunken in a matter of a year

Flash forward to 2009, and we are feeling uncomfortable with a 54-30 pasting of Ball State? This is an opponent we thoroughly dominated, and really could have beaten as bad as we wanted to. Things are definitely different for the better for sure. Just how much better? We'll have a better idea after Saturday night.

First off, Chris Todd is out of his mind good right now. 11 TD's and 1 INT through 3games. He makes good reads. His throws are crisp and on time to receivers. He has a pretty good idea about what is going on right now. This is his team and his offense. Ball St crowded the box on us early. Ball St. got pwned in the second quarter by Todd, Adams and T-Zach.

Defensively we dominated the first half. Yeah, yeah, Ball St scored thirty points. But they had 76 total yards in the first half. Our 1st team defense played two series in the second half. We created two more turnovers, by ripping the ball out. Tackling was better. Darren Bates is the biggest sleeper I have seen in a while. Rivals and Scout whiffed on this guy. He flies around and makes plays. I keep forgetting he is a freshman. Needless to say, he has a huge future at Auburn.

I am concerned by special teams coaching. Is it a coincidence that the only coach brought over from Iowa State coaches the weakest unit on our team right now? That is probably unfair to pin it is all on Bouleware, but it doesn't look good and Rob is right, it will get us beat down the raod if it isn't improved. The kickoff team and punt coverage are just bad right now. We always kick it left on kickoffs, and we don't kick it very deep.

Punt coverage is also mediocre at best. Durst has been OK I guess. And I suppose it is a good thing when you don't have to punt the ball 11 times a game like last year.

The fake punt was the dumbest call I have seen in a while. Fourth and 13 up 30-7 and we fake a punt, fail, and get our biggest home run threat banged up in the process. We need McCalleb on the outside, and we need him 100% for Tennessee.

Kodi's banged up too but should play. If he doesn't I think it will be fine because Mario could get some time in the wildcat, which I had hoped to see anyway. He is more like Arkansas McFadden or Miami's Ronnie Brown running the wildcat. I think Mario might be better in a goal line situation. Not that I can complain about the way Kodi has performed so far.

Byron Isom, whatever you did say you are sorry. That is how my 2 year old gets out of time out. I advise you to do this as well. We need you out there.

All in all a solid day. What I expected? I just can't say because I have no idea what to expect from this 2009 team. But my expectations, along with many others in the Auburn family are quietly growing. A win in the armpit of of Appalacia Saturday night and people will begin to notice.

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