Friday, October 11, 2013

Western Carolina Preview-Who will Play QB?

What Does Auburn do if Marshall cannot go?

Nick Marshall's knee was hyper-extended in the win vs Ole Miss last Saturday night, or at least we can surmise that based on the replay. How bad the injury is we are just not sure, and Gus Malzahn has been tight lipped in regard to injuries all year.

So let's first talk worst case scenario here, and say Marshall will miss several games and maybe the entire year. Does Auburn burn the shirt on Jeremy Johnson or Do they go will a guy who has SEC game experience in Jonathan Wallace?

My answer is-go with the best one. If it is Wallace, if Gus thinks we can win games with him, let him start. I have heard the argument that we cannot win with Wallace based on how he looked last year.

If that theory was a laptop, Cam would throw it out the window.

Auburn's offensive line is good, maybe one of the best in the conference this year. Wallace will benefit from that. He also had the benefit of spring practice and knows the offense, maybe better that Marshall even at this point. He is a tireless student of the game. We have heard more often than not that he is the first one to the complex and the last one to leave. He has the team's respect. Will he light the world on fire in the passing game? Maybe not. But Nick has not exactly been Peyton Manning this season throwing the forward pass. I doubt there is much separation between the two here.

If Jeremy Johnson is better, if Gus thinks he can win with the true freshman, let it ride. I have heard this week that a true freshman can't win games in the SEC.

Mule muffins.

We have seen plenty of cases over the years where a true freshman won games in the SEC. Manning did. So did Jay Barker in the early 90's. If Johnson is good enough, he can win games for Auburn. Let's keep in mind Auburn may have the best rushing attack in the SEC and we have not asked the QB to do very much so far this season.

The bottom line is, Auburn has two very good options at QB if Nick Marshall can't go.

This is probably a moot point. If Marshall has a knee sprain and needs an extra week to get better, this is a perfect time, because any QB on the roster can beat Western Carolina. If the injury is minor, he should be fine going forward

As far as the game goes, Auburn can name their score against this hapless bunch. I would love to see the starters done by halftime. Happy homecoming Auburn, and War Eagle...

Auburn 55
Worst team in the SoCon-7

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