Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Threatdown

Things are beginning to shape up as far as the schedule goes. Most of us have a better idea of how Auburn will finish the season. That being said none of have the first frickin' clue how Auburn will finish the season.

Western Carolina Last week...Blown out by Chatanooga 42-22. This is a bad football team. Auburn could start Gabe Wright at QB and still win by 35 points. Threatdown Level...Unchanged and nonexistent.

Texas Aggies Last week...BYE. The Aggies got bad news losing one of their best defensive linemen to a knee injury. This is a defense that gives up a whopping 6 yards+ per rush. Still, Manziel is a special football player, and I'm not talking about his obvious case of Teret's. Threatdown level...Down, but still very high.

Florida Atlantic Last week...Beat hapless UAB 37-23. The Owls are getting better, but no way they compete with Auburn. Threatdown level...unchanged

Arkansas Last Week...Lost to Florida 30-10. This game was not as lopsided as the score indicated. Still, Arkansas has lost 3 straight games now, with a lion's share of their tough SEC schedule left starting with South Carolina this weekend. They may be in mental tatters by the time Auburn comes to town November 2. Threatdown level...down.

Tennessee Last week...Lost to Georgia in OT. Tennessee had this game won and blew it. They were an eyelash from wrecking Georgia's SEC and possible BCS title hopes. They get a week off this week before the Gamecocks, followed by Bama. Threatdown level...unchanged

Georgia Last week...edged UT in OT. If Georgia's injury situation doesn't get better, they can kiss their title hopes goodbye. They still haven't managed to stop anybody all season either. They face undefeated pretender Missouri Saturday. Threatdown level...down slightly, but still up there.

Alabama Blew out Ga State 45-3. Bama got up early on this hapless bunch from the ATL and called off the dogs. They continue their joke of an October in the Commonwealth Saturday, so no one will likely notice their deficiencies in the offensive line. Threatdown Level...unchanged and very high

Right now, if I had to ballpark a record for Auburn at season's end it would be 8-4/9-3. I still think the two road games at the beginning of November will be tough. But if Auburn can somehow manage a win at College Station, then I reserve the right to increase that win number.

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