Friday, October 4, 2013

Ole Miss Preview-Breaking Bears

I hope Saturday ends better than it did for Mr White.

If you think there's not a problem in T-Town right now, you are probably on Blue Meth. But if you are a typical Bama fan, there is a pretty high likelihood of both, I guess.

Bama handled the Ole Miss offense very well last Saturday night. Did they provide Auburn with a blueprint on how to stop the Rebel attack? I would have to say that most likely, no. Auburn doesn't have the Bama personnel on defense, especially considering the injuries that AU has right now. But taking away the outside is crucial to winning the game. We want to keep Ole Miss off of the perimeter.

I may regret saying this later, but Ole Miss has not beaten anybody,(Did anyone catch Texas last night?) and their wins look fairly pedestrian to me. The Ole Miss defense is probably not in the top 6 of teams we will face this year, so look for some points to go up on the board come Saturday night.

I do worry about Bo Wallace and the zone read. He is not what I would call fast, but he handles the ball well and can pick up yardage with his feet. Auburn saw this already this year with Dak Prescott at Mississippi State, who is a load going through the middle. I feel like Auburn will do a better job of containing Wallace than they did with Prescott, who was an unknown commodity when we played State.

My biggest concern for this game is the perceived shakeup on defense. Nosa Eguae has moved to defensive tackle this week, and he is smallish for an SEC tackle. Will he get better production than Blackson? Honestly, he couldn't do much worse. I also noticed that Gabe Wright is listed second on Auburn's depth chart this week. I thought Wright has played well in spots this season, but all things being equal, he is still somewhat of a disappointment, considering his high pedigree coming out of high school. And will Chris Davis be able to provide any help? We need him back, because he defends the pass as well as any defensive back on the roster, and is a run stopper as well.

Offensivley, Auburn needs to keep pounding the running game. I will be sorely surprised if Ole Miss handles Auburn's rushing attack better than Mississippi St and LSU. Auburn should be able to throw the ball on a questionable Rebel secondary, especially if the running game is decent.

I look at this game as a watershed moment for Auburn football 2013. Win and all of a sudden Auburn is 5-1 going to College Station, after a cupcake next week. Lose and all of a sudden the bowl picture looks cloudy.

The home field, where Auburn just doesn't lose to Ole Miss unless Auburn's coach is named Tuberville, pulls Auburn through Saturday, and the Gus Bus keeps on rolling...

Auburn- 31
Mascot Confusion 27

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