Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Threatdown-Week 5

Rebel Black Bears to be precise.

We took a week off from the threatdown for bye week. We're back this week to see how the rest of our schedule looks now after 1/3 of the season...

Ole Miss Last week...Pummelled by Bama 25-0. The Rebs looked pedestrian against Bama though their defense held their own in the first half. Bo Wallace's mouth wrote checks his O couldn't cash. Threat Down Level...Down slightly

Western Carolina Last week...Blown out by Samford 62-23. Not much to say about this poor excuse for a SoCon team. Threatdown Level...Down from Nada.

Texas A&M Last Week...Struggled before putting away Arkansas 45-33. A&M's defense can't stop anybody right now, but they continue to win games. They are pretty ordinary aside from Manziel, and he is much less effective with Evans injured. Hope that he gets well after October 18th. Threatdown Level...Down slightly

Florida Atlantic Last Week...Lost to Rice 18-14. Played a little better defensivley. They'll get ready for Auburn with a visit to UAB. Threatdown Level...Grand Canyon.

Arkansas Last Week...Fought to the bitter end in the loss to A&M. I keep wanting to think Arkansas is not very good, but they scare me, and they showed up and were in the game with the Aggs all the way. Threat down Level...up some.

Tennessee Last Week...Escaped with their lives vs South Alabama 31-24. Right now, nothing sucks like the big orange. And with their October schedule, it's not likely to get better. Threat down level...Down a ton form last time.

Georgia Last Week...Beat LSU in the best game of the week 44-41. The Dawgs don't play a lot of defense, but looked good against LSU's run game for most of the contest. That doesn't play well to Auburn's strength. Threat down Level...up

Bama Last week...Bama turned in an impressive defensive performance against Ole Miss, but still the offense looked ordinary. They are beatable, just not by any team they play in October. Threat down Level...unchanged.

There you have it. I still think every team on the schedule is beatable. Am I saying we win all those? Not likely, but with a win Saturday (more on that later this week) Auburn has a chance to have a very good season in year 1 of Gustav.

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