Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Threatdown-Week 7

Fair Amount of movement in this week's threatdown. Let's take a look:

Texas Aggies Last week- Edged out Ole Miss 41-38. If not for some horrible play calling on the Rebs last drive (3 straight incompletions on the worst run defense in the conference), Auburn might be playing 4-2 A&M this weekend. Threatdown Level...Down a couple notches

Florida Atlantic Last week-Snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against Marshall 24-23. Remember when we thought this could be our last win of 2013? It's still possible, but not likely. Threatdown level...bottom basement.

Arkansas Last week-Embarrassed at homecoming by South Carolina 52-7. Wheels are coming off for the Hogs. Here's an eye popping stat that would make Keihl Frazier blush-4 receptions for 30 yards. I've seen wishbone jr high teams throw for more yards. Threatdown Level...Approaching the bottom, but still a bit of danger.

Tennessee-Last week-Bye. The Vols got a week off to lick their wounds, and they had a lot of licking to do. These are not happy times in Knox-vegas. They took it out on the band director this week, which goes to show you there is such a thing as too much Rocky Top. Threatdown level...Stable

Georgia Last week-Lost to Missouri 41-26. The walking wounded at UGA are fast becoming the walking dead. WIth no receivers to throw to, Aaron Murray looked mediocre at best. The Dawgs defense hasn't "hunkered down" yet this season. Threatdown level...Down.

Bama-Last week-Beat Kentucky 48-7. I watched the first quarter of this game. Bama football should be marketed as a sleep aid. Threatdown Level...Unchanged, and likely to remain so until LSU weekend.

Needless to say we'll know a great deal about Auburn after Saturday. More on A&M tomorrow...

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  1. Never, ever, EVER!!! say Arkansas is not a threat. They freak me out every year.