Friday, September 7, 2012

Mississippi State Preview: Dan Mullin's White Whale

Let's face facts, there are a ton of question marks for the 2012 version of the Auburn Tigers as we head into week 2.

Let me get this out of the way first. I am not worried about Mississippi State. Nor am I worried about Dan Mullin and his butt hurt over not getting Cam Newton. Somebody who was listening to Kevin Scarbinsky's radio show (I know, nobody listens to that douche, right?) tweeted that Mullin and his wife care more about beating Auburn than arch rival Ole Miss. I have no idea why anyone would care what a coaches wife thinks or why that is relevant, but it does tell me quite a little bit about Mullin's obsession with Auburn. Well, if he wants to go all Captain Ahab on us, he's welcome to try.

My concern this week is Auburn.

My concern is defense and tackling, and Keihl Frazier developing into the quarterback we all hope is capable of becoming. My concern is that our team shakes off a loss to a very good Clemson team and has no hangover coming into this all crucial match
up with State. We don't want to use the term "must win" in week two, but it kind of feels that way right now.

Auburn is in danger of being written off already. A young team with a great deal of talent is already looked over by many football pundits. I am not ready to do that and neither should you.

I expect Auburn's coaching staff to correct the problems we had against Clemson. I expect this team to grow up Saturday.

Dan Mullin may be Captain Ahab, but his crew doesn't have the mettle to take down his white whale.

Auburn 28
State 17

And call me Ishmael....