Monday, September 10, 2012

Dr. Z's Mississippi State Review-Times That Try Men's Souls

Thought I would bring back a couple of pics from the archive to describe our reaction to the debacle Saturday in Starkville.

This is Rob after Keihl Frazier's 3rd INT:

Here's me after his second fumble:

I am truly at a loss for words here. OK, not totally. I can think of several appropriate four letter words.

How can a team with all this talent look this bad? Keihl Frazier was flat out awful Saturday. I mean I have never seen quarterback play that makes me long for the days of Jeff Klein and Daniel Cobb. Yet no call to the bullpen by Chizik and the offensive staff. Clint's shoulder must be in worse shape than a 37 year old optometrist, because Frazier needed the hook at halftime, if not for a series or two, just to get his head on straight.

Defensively, we are no better than we were under Ted Roof. If I have to watch another defensive back whiff at someone's ankles my head really might explode. This great defensive line we have been hearing about all summer, where is it? If nothing else they should be shutting down the run game. And maybe they did for the first half of that game, but I saw a lot of quit on defense in the fourth quarter.

I can compare this to 1998, when the offense was awful and decimated by injuries. The defense kept us in games. They almost single-handedly beat eventual National Champ Tennessee. They had guts. They had pride. And they never got embarrassed like this.

In 2012, I see no guts. I see no pride. I see a team on the ledge.

But I am not giving up. Neither should you. At some point, Auburn will get its head on straight and begin to play to their potential.

They better, or else all of the capital Gene Chizik built up in 2010 will be gone. I do not want to see that happen. I want these guys to succeed.

War Eagle.

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