Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dr. Z's LAMO Review: I Still Don't Feel Too Good About This

A win is a win. I guess.

So after Auburn's first home game in front of a way more enthused crowd than I would have expected, Auburn beat a La-Monroe team that may be much better than the La-Monroe's of yesteryear.

Still, it's freakin La-Monroe. Auburn is supposed to win that game by 4 touchdowns at least. They even managed to do that with Tony Franklin calling the shots on offense.

Auburn showed more effort on defense, but we still see glaring problems in positioning, tackling, and personnel. The defensive line just is not getting it done, and that is the biggest problem with the defense right now, no matter what some say about our linebackers. Still too much cushion in the secondary. Are you telling me all these great recruits at defensive back cannot cover two star receivers in bump and run?

I am really more dismayed by the offense, before a trick play for a touchdown and a hail Mary for another, Auburn was down 14-7 late in the first half. That should not happen, no matter who La-Monroe beat last week. Frazier was better, but inexplicably curled back into the fetal position in the fourth quarter, throwing a mind-numbing INT which led to another score. I've heard some say that Jason Campbell had growing pains like this back in 2002. But let's face facts, Campbell was inconsistent, but he never looked this bad. The play calling is so odd to me. Why is it that with an all-american lead blocking fullback, we decide to run from a single back set? Why is Frazier throwing late in the fourth when we can run the ball a few more times and kick a field goal or worst case punt the ball away? I understand that we are struggling to find an identity on offense, but it seems we cannot make up our mind what we want to do.

I thought Ontario had another solid game. As did Tre Mason. Blakely shows flashes, but the fumble when we are about to make it 35-14 was the difference between a blowout and winning by the skin of our teeth. It totally changed the momentum of the game.

The only other comment I can make is thank heavens La-Monore decided to kick the PAT instead of going for two, because my guess is we'd be talking about 0-3 at this point.

I don't want to sound bleak. I am pretty frustrated. But at this point it doesn't look too good. We have a monster coming in Saturday night. The first of a few this season.

Let's do better guys. I don't know how to tell you, but just do better.

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