Friday, September 14, 2012

Dr. Z's La-Monroe Preview-No Chickenhawks!

It would be a cool mascot though, wouldn't it?

I never, ever thought I'd say this, but the Louisiana Monroe game is critical.

Critical because the already damaged psyche of this team needs something good to happen, and fast.

Critical because a monster game with LSU approaches on the horizon.

Critical because we all hate losing.

When Auburn plays a team like La-Monroe, we usually know the outcome beofre the ball is even teed up. Tomorrow? Not so much. Unfortunately,given the way both teams played last week, this game is not a given by any stretch. La-Monroe was a giant killer last week, even though Arkansas might be a paper tiger. Auburn played armadillo on the road last week, and Dan Mullin was happy to be driving the 18 wheeler that ram right over them.

So what does Auburn need to do to be better? First and foremost Keihl Frazier needs to be much much better. But is he capable? I would have said after the Clemson game he is, but after last week's awful performance, can he shake that off and be the quarterback we need him to be? I'm not sure. Putting the guy in better situations will help. Maybe not so many play action passes, like Rob mentioned last week, so Frazier doesn't have to turn his back to the defense. Maybe some designated pass plays to Trevon Reed and Quan Bray. And if you believe what some in the blogosphere say, then the other team actually not knowing the plays before we run them is helpful.

On defense, it is the same thing we have been saying for (I swear to God) four years, run through the guy, wrap up, and stop diving at ankles. I hope the highly touted defensive line shows up at some point. I also hope we throw Kris Frost into the mix at some point too, because four tackles a game by our linebackers is getting old.

I expect us to win Saturday. It would be awesome if we could win big, get a little swagger back in our step, and move forward.

Here's hoping we will.

Auburn 40
LMAO (but not nearly as much after last week) 21

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