Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dr. Z's LSU Preview

I hope we see that again once or twice Saturday night.

So it's game four, and very few of us would have thought that AU would come limping into the game at 1-2. Even fewer could have predicted the way we got here. A pretty good effort against a (what we think, anyway) pretty good Clemson team was followed with a less than stellar effort on the road in Starkville. Auburn showed flashes of breaking through against a better than advertised La-Monroe team, only to wilt in the 4th quarter and barely escape with a win.

Which brings us all to a weekend we dread every other year, when Bubba Didier and Jean-Claude load up the Chevy and head north. They roll into Auburn and make us all reconsider the Louisiana purchase. If you are unlucky enough to converse with these people you are lucky to comprehend a single word. They swear. They spit bourbon. And that's just the eight year olds. The Cajuns have a reputation for great tailgate cooking, but don't be fooled. Most of them just pick up a bucket at Popeyes on the way in.

Yeah, I know, I'm a little hard on the Louisiana folk, but a long time ago I had the unfortunate pleasure of interning in Louisiana for a few months (seemed like a few decades). I guess I got overexposed. I wouldn't call them rednecks, unless there are French rednecks. And it's not worth all the blackened redfish or drive through daiquiries in the world to put up with dealing with the corndog nation every day.

Yes there is a game Saturday. I expect Auburn to bounce back well and finally get some sense of urgency. Expect a rowdy crowd when it kicks off Saturday night. I think we will show the LSU faithful that a night game at home is more than just getting piss drunk and acting like a dick to the opposing fans (I'm looking at You, LSU eight year olds).

I must admit, the LSU defense looks pretty daunting. We must establish the run. I still believe we can run the ball on them. And maybe, just maybe Keihl can get the deer in the headlights look out of his eyes and make a few plays. And for heaven's sake, do not turn the ball over. If we lose the turnover battle, nay, if we don't win the turnover battle by 2 we likely lose.

On defense, four words: cowboy the f$#k up. The defensive line has to show some toughness. The linebackers need to put a hat on somebody and not look like cockroaches (on their backs with legs int he air) after a play. Pressure Mettenberger into a turnover or two, and maybe, just maybe, some of that old Jordan- Hare magic starts floating around.

I almost can talk myself into picking Auburn.



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