Monday, October 25, 2010

LSU Reax: Runnin Down a Dream

This is what I saw as Ontario ran by. I swear I heard him say Meep, Meep..

Wow! Where to begin? 8-0 and #1 in the BCS rankings is pretty sweet. It is really amazing to even begin to imagine the possibility of Glendale Arizona, considering where this group of players and coaches began.

Flashback with me to 2008. We were done. Dead and buried. Tubs was shown the door, and we hired Gene Chizik. I remember texting Rob when the hire was made. I said "I give up." or something to that effect. A lot of us felt like waiving the white flag back then. That was then. This is now.

I was flat out wrong about Gene Chizik. He hired a top shelf coaching staff and became a coach that Rob has said many times he'd love to have played for. Looks like our guys like playing for him plenty.

I never thought we'd lose the game once the ball kicked off. There was something about the electricity that was inside Jordan Hare Saturday that I haven't experienced. I went to every home game as a student. It was fun and sometimes just magical, but nothing like the atmosphere I witnessed.

So where from here? I honestly cannot say.I have no idea if this team can sustain the perfect record. We have lots of liabilities to be sure. But damn, are they fun to watch.

I think we can win the rest of them. With the best Auburn football player in a generation under center, you better believe it. This team has liabilities, yes, but they have that intangible "it" you need to win championships. With every week they gain confidence. The sky is the limit at this point.

More thoughts on the day:

-Running out of accolades for Cam. He is the best college player I have ever seen in person. Bar none.

-Nick Fairley got pushed around on the third drive. Then Tracy Rocker got in his grill on the bench right in front of us. Quote from Rob- Rocker is saying "You see that picture up there? That's me. Is your picture up there? No? Then do what the &*%# I tell you too." (to be fair, if he keeps this up we'll see his picture up there one day)

-The guy sitting behind us thought Rob was Ben Leard. I had to throw that in.

-Defense as a whole was better, but LSU's QB's are so bad its hard to guage, really. I mean those guys are bad. If no one's thought it up, LSU folks should call them 'blunder and frightening'.

-It's fun living in Birmingham today. Bammers are either in denial or just belligerent about Auburn being #1 in BCS. It's almost a "How dare they be good? We are supposed to be good. Not Auburn. Not on Saban's watch." One realistic Bama friend of mine texted me and said today Auburn is 14 points better than Bama. I told him he was nuts. I actually think its a pick em at this point.

Allright, so 8-0, another reckoning. Now to Ole Miss and worrying about us being flat and overconfident. But I have this feeling we'll be Ok...I hope.


  1. Nice forgot to mention you telling the people that thought I was Ben that you were Jaret Holmes. It'd been more believable if you'd said Markeith Cooper.

  2. I shoulda just said "I'm the lizard."

  3. ....."blunder and frightening!" That's a good one! Better trademark that one!