Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dr. Z's Ole Miss Preview

Actually I think this is the correct mascot. Wait, that's not right either (stupid George Lucas)

What a week! Still pinching myself over the #1 ranking in the BCS. The big question-Can we sustain? Interestingly, I had two LSU fans in for eye exams this week. The are both sold on Auburn and Cam Newton. And they both desperately want us to beat Alabama. One of them even said "it would be almost worth us (LSU) losing to Bama just to see Auburn wreck their world the day after Thanksgiving." That my friends is some hard core hate of the Mullet Nation right there.

As far as Ole Miss goes, lets face it. We should win this game if we show up and do what we do. That doesn't mean we shouldnt all be worried. After all, we are Auburn. The same Auburn that eeked by a pathetic Alabama team 18-17 in 1997 to go to the SEC Championship game (thanks Edward Scissom-hands). Or should I bring up 06 when we just needed to beat a lousy Georgia team to go to the Sugar Bowl. We all remember how that one turned out.

So yeah, we should be confident, but still worried, because that has been our history. Make no mistake, we will get every punch thrown at us you can imagine from Ole Miss and Houston Nutt. Trust the almost Rebel Mascot when he says it....

But I think Auburn's run game is too good for us not pull this game out. We need to limit turnovers, and force a couple of our own.

And for goodness sakes play with the same aggresiveness on the road we've shown in the first half at Starkville and Lexington. Do this, and I think we're staring amen corner in the face with a 10-0 record. I'll say....

Auburn 45
Rebel Alliance 28


  1. I can always tell how fired up the fans are by the number of immediate posts to the blog after a preview. Looks like the fans are overlooking Ole Miss big time.

  2. Yep. Hope the players are more fired up....