Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LSU Preview

LSU reminds me of that relative you have that chose the "alternative" path. The one that dropped out of school, partied seven days a week, never grew up, but somehow still makes more money than you do, drives the newest German import, and has a smokin' hot wife. For him, success follows in spite of his best efforts otherwise.

No team does less with more than any team in America. Talent...loaded. High school football in the state...fantastic. Fan base...rabid. Money...limitless. Head stated by ESPN's Pat Forde "In Satan's lair, there is a lockbox with the words "LES MILES" written on it. Inside is the LSU coach's soul. The Hat clearly has made a deal with Lucifer that allows him to win nearly 80 percent of his games as coach of the Tigers, capture a national title and make more money than all but a tiny fraction of working Americans. And doing it with a unique flair for coaching lunacy in pressure situations." I couldn't agree more. He may be the antichrist?!

Like Arkansas' offense last week, LSU's defense will be the best we've seen to date and likely the best we'll see this year. They're giving up less than 15 points per game and have speed all over the field. Their unsung hero and chief disruptor...DT Drake Nevis. He is LSU's Nick Fairley and check out their numbers through seven games. Tackles-Fairley 33, Nevis-38. Tackles for loss-Fairley-13.5, Nevis-11.5. Sacks-Fairley-5, Nevis-5. And both have one INT. Think how dominant Nick Fairley has been for Auburn this season and you see Drake Nevis has been every bit the dominant, anchoring force for the Bengal Tigers. Every one talks about the corner Peterson, and the linebacker Sheppard, but the defensive success starts up front with Nevis. If we can control him, not allow penetration and constant disruption, then we move the ball successfully on LSU.

I've got to believe LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis makes Cam Newton beat his defense through the air. Not many (if any) defenses can dictate to the Auburn offense what they can and can't do, but if there's a defense that has the ability to take away an aspect of Auburn's offense (Newton's legs), it's LSU. I fully expect Auburn to spread the field early, dink and dunk, sweep with Mccalebb, stretch the field vertically with Adams and Zachery in order to create, maintain, and allow running lanes to open for Newton. If we can hit early with someone other than Cam, that would be huge for lanes later in the game for the Heisman frontrunner. Our tailbacks must take care of the football and not give LSU a short field to work with.

Defensively, I don't know what to expect anymore. Their offense against our defense may take the progression of athleticism and production in SEC football back 50 years. I can see us completely shutting LSU out, and I can see LSU scoring 40. Who knows? Let's hope our defense plays with pride, with intensity, and for four quarters...that's all I ask.

Special teams will be enormously important this week as field position will be critical for our defense. Make the struggling LSU offense go the distance all afternoon. If they can do it, tip your hat.

Ultimately, home field advantage is critical in this contest. I believe the LSU offense will make one too many mistakes in this one that'll be the difference.


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  1. Sounds like you were talking about me at 1st except for the money and German car. I hope you are right about this one.