Thursday, October 21, 2010

LSU Preview--Going All In

LSU's slightly less imposing two headed monster at QB

The biggest game of the year. How many times have we said that already? When you are 7-0 football team, they are all big I suppose.

But LSU-Auburn, both undefeated. Both with an opportunity to place themselves squarely in BCS talk with a win Saturday. Does it get any bigger?

I had butterflies all week about Arkansas. It has been worse this week. I keep asking myself if Cam can do it again against LSU. I keep wondering if our defense will show up again. Are the injuries we have going to be too much to overcome this week, or the next or the next?

Figure all that in with playing a Les Miles coached team, and, well, like I said I am nervous about this one. He's the guy who wins the lottery after accidentally giving the teller the wrong lotto numbers.

Fortunately, I like the matchups. Forget for a minute about what everyone is talking about, that is the Auburn offense vs the LSU defense. To me, the most important matchup will be the LSU offense vs the AU denfense.

Why do I like the matchup for our defense? LSU's quareterbacks. Jordan Jefferson has been bad. Jarret Lee is the best second option? He has an uncanny ability to fold when the pressure is on. LSU is a power running, run first team. What is the one thing our defense has shown they can do? Can LSU sustain long drives without turnovers and penalties? I don't think they can. Auburn's defense is opportunistic, and LSU likely will give plenty of opportunities.

Offensively, I think we'll get ours. The Red Sea may not part like against Arkansas's D, but we will score points. Guz is out for a reckoning against these teams that embarrased him last year. John Chavis, prepare to be reckoned.

For goodness sake, let's get some decent punt coverage this week. It's their best offensive weapon. Don't give LSU the opportunity.

I am pumped man. Let's do this.....

Auburn 35
Corn Dogs 24

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