Monday, October 4, 2010

Dr. Z's La-Monroe Lookback

Anyone else get the feeling this guy's going to be really good?

I am in agreement with Rob that things could not have gone much better for Auburn Saturday. It was great to get some guys some rest and see some new faces. Great to see Jake Holland get in there. I'd actually like to see him more. He looks like he has a really bright future.

Speaking of bright futures, Lutzenkirchen continues to impress me with his hands, his blocking and his route running. He may be the key from going from "good to great". He always seems to be open and he actually runs really well in space for a tight end. Look for him to get even more involved in the offense as the season continues.

I was probably only one of about 15 AU fans still watching the game when Moseley got mop-up time over Neil Caudle. I guess that's fine. But if Trotter is dinged up and we need a back-up (heaven forbid!), I think it has to be Neil Caudle, right?

Not much else to say about this one. I love games that are over by the second quarter. I spent much of the third playing basketball on my back deck with my three year old (paging Nell Fortner, Janie is gonna be a blue chipper).

Other random SEC thoughts:

-Think Urban Meyer wishes he had Cam Newton this season. He could probably cut his nitro dosage in half. That being said...

-Alabama is really good (sigh). I don't see them losing...until we shock them in T-town in November.

-Les is more. Miles is the luckiest guy in college football. Heck, how about all of sports? That was the biggest meltdown in the last minute of a game I have ever seen...and they still won.

-Ole Miss getting their mojo back? Maybe. But Kentucky gift wrapped that game. Let's hope their just as generous this week.

And the Eyes on Auburn crew will be there in Lexington. So if anyone wants two stars of the blogosphere (well, Rob is the star, I am just the remora to the Great white shark) to come to your tailgate, let us know! We'll happily come and eat your food and regail you with great stories of Auburn football's past(Rob) and eye care (me).

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