Monday, October 5, 2009

Tennessee Reax: Trucked by Ben Tate

Eric Berry, did you get that license #?

For all of the hype all week about Monte Kiffin's NFL defense, we sure found out a good bit about how Guz's "high school" offense works. I was particularly impressed by our coaching this week. We were fast paced when we needed to be. The volunteer defenders were gassed all night. That is the first time I have ever seen 2 defensive time outs because of fatigue/confusion in one half. But when it came time to milk the clock, we slowed it down, chewed up time of possession, and did it the old fashioned way.

The result? A resounding win on the road in a tough environment and a 5-0 Auburn team that now looks like a serious challenger. On the way into work today the talking heads in the 'Ham are talking two undefeateds in the Iron Bowl. Let's not get crazy here. That would be a dream season, but my guess is somebody will slip up and beat one or both before November rolls around.

But for now, we savor the flavor, because Auburn has never beaten the Vols 5straight times, and there are few teams out there that are more enjoyable to whip than the UT Billies. Some other Observations

-Ontario is a huge asset on kickoff returns. Nice to see him used wisely on special teams.

-Welcome back Frenchy. Now for your next trick-catch it and run forward.

-This game really could of gotten out of hand. I give Tennessee credit. I really thought they would fold when we jumped out. Still obviously not as close as the score indicates. Which brings me to...

-Lane Kiffin really loves moral victories, I guess, by signaling for a two point coversion after a meaningless TD as time as time had run out. In any case: bush-league, Kiffy. I wouldn't expect anything less out of you.

-Nice move on cancelling Tigerwalk, UT. You don't tug on Superman's cape, or Trooperman's towel.

-OK. So where from here? You got me. I am enjoying this magic carpet ride. We all are. Cannot wait for another revenge game Saturday. Should be another track meet.

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