Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dr Z's Kentucky Preview

The Joker is Kentucky's Coach in Waiting

Ok, so maybe not that Joker. But Joker Phillips has done an admirable job calling the plays for Kentucky this year. I have a feeling this coach in waiting thing may work out a little better for Joker at Kentucky than for Jimbo at FSU. Another former AU coach is also a coach in waiting. Will "Boom mutha%&$#@ !" Muschamp is set to take over for Mack Brown. I thing the coach in waiting thing is hella-stupid. How can that be good for the existing staff? Anyway, on with the preview.

Huge game for the psyche of Auburn this weekend. It is a game a good team should win at home. So why am I so worried about this Kentucky team who's got crushed by Florida while crushing Tebow? This team who lost by 18 at home to Bama? Oh and their starting QB is out with a knee injury. What could possibly bother me about this game?

Well two things really concern me. #1: The Cats can run the ball/Our defense gets leakier each week. Not sure if it's depth (especially at LB) or scheme or what, but this is a bad Auburn defense right now. #2: Doesn't it feel like we could blow a game that we had marked down to win? I hope I am totally wrong about uneasy feeling.

Hopefully this week our offense will be back to its usual big play, fast as hell, fun to watch self. Todd 2.0 needs to get back to sharp again. He missed some pretty big plays last week than could have kept us in the game against Arky. I understand that QB's have those days. Let's hope that is the only day like that this year.

Can we get Fannin the ball more somehow? I'd love to see him wildcating at some point his year. The wildcat has been limited due to a banged up Ontario and to a lesser extent Kodi, but I think that we have weapons other than the speedwagon and Kodi. We just need to use them.

This week, the home crowd gets us up and ready. Night game at JHS means a W. Our guys should be focused and ready to play. It's going to be next to impossible for UK to bring a backup QB into that atmosphere and win. Look for a 6-1 Auburn team headed to Corn Dog country.

Auburn 31
Basketball School 21

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