Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dr.Z's LSU preview


Once again it's time for our trip to America's version of a third world country also known as Louisiana. I had the unfortunate privilege of living in this State a few years ago as an intern. My wife and I did an internship in Shreveport. Most people in Purple Tiger land consider Shreveport east Texas, but make no mistake, there a plenty of obnoxious LSU fans here.

True story here: We had a patient here who came up for a consult from South Louisiana who had her eyes removed by a voodoo lady because she was seeing devils. She came in with bandages over both eyes and her LSU t-shirt. My take home from that case was LSU fans were hardcore..and possibly insane.

My only trip to campus was as a student in 97. The fans around the stadium were OK if you ran into the right ones. I got to sample some really good gumbo, jambalaya, and alligator. But I also endured some really foul language. I pretty sure this guy was swearing at me in a language that was part English, part french and part martian, but I am just not sure. I left the game happy, as Dameyune Craig and Auburn pulled out the victory on the way to an SEC West title. I also left reeking of bourbon, because LSU fans love to throw their bourbon when they score, and corndogs, and we all know the reason for that by now.

If you are a single guy and headed down, be careful about the women you hit on, because she just might be a voodoo woman. If this chick to the right is tailgaiting, I'd steer clear.
As for the game, I just don't know. If Auburn week 1-5 shows up, then we have a good shot to win. Week 6 or 7 Auburn? we could be in for a 2003 type Baton Rouge beatdown.

My big cause for concern is stopping that run game. Rob is right, the LSU offense is very much like Kentucky, with better players. Charles Scott is a great back and shredded our defense last year when we were still considered a great defense. That being said, LSU has not exactly been an offensive juggernaut this year. Les Miles has tended to outsmart himself (probably not hard to do) on the offensive side.

Defensively, LSU has also underwhelmed considering the immense talent they have. They are in the process of learning a new system under John Chavis, who is a respected longtime D-cord, but something hasn't clicked yet. They improved some two weeks ago against Florida, who now appears to be very mediocre on offense.

Given that LSU has had a week off to stew over that loss to Florida, and given Baton Rouge at home at night, I do not have good feeling here. To be 100% honest, my concern is not LSU, it's Auburn. We look tired and beat up physically and mentally. I'd love to say we could catch lightning in a bottle, but I just cannot see it happening Saturday night. Hoping I am dead wrong....

Auburn 14
Corn Dogs 24

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