Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ole Miss Preview

There's really not much to say. Coach Chizik has made it clear Chris Todd is his guy at QB. My opinion has been and will remain Chris Todd is damaged goods, a mere shell of his former self. I fully recognize I could be wrong, but based on the last 3 games performances as my evidence, including an amazingly putrid 47 yards against LSU, I rest my case.

I realize Chris Todd can't keep Lee Ziemba from jumping offsides, or Andrew McCain from holding, or Darvin Adams from dropping a ball on 3rd and 7. And he sure can't keep PPL from muffing punts, Zack Etheridge from running by a ball-carrier, or Neiko Thorpe cover a receiver down the sideline. Chizik is right, the entire blame can not be completely placed at the feet of Chris Todd. But, when you look at the one constant the past 3 weeks that has changed drastically from weeks 1-5, it is the play of Chris Todd. As Todd goes, Auburn goes! When we were winning, Ziemba was still jumping offsides, PPL was muffing punts, Etheridge was missing tackles, the defense was getting ripped-to-shreds, but Chris Todd was picking up the slack and making plays with his newly constructed right arm.

I'd like to predict great things this week...a return to winning ways, a productive offense, a defense that tackles well and forces turnovers, a kicking game that is helpful rather than a burden to overcome. Unfortunately, Ole Miss is a terrible match-up for Auburn. Defensively, Ole Miss is everything a traditional SEC defense is known, aggressive, and tough against the run. Offensively, they have the closest thing to Noel Devine we'll see all year in Dexter McCluster (remember Devine as the guy we still haven't tackled 2 years in a row from West Virginia!!) and a quarterback that, when on, has the potential to be one of the best in the land. The combination of the ability to pound you in the running game, spread you out with the passing threat of Jevan Snead, and find creases with McCluster, it should make for a long day defensively. Our only chance is for Snead to play miserable, our defense to play lights out, and our offense to outscore a mistake prone Ole Miss Rebel squad. Which leads us back to Chris Todd. Can he do it? I hope he can. Will he do it? I don't think so. Prove me wrong Chris! Crow would never taste so succulent!

Ole Miss-29


  1. Rob,
    you just left out 1 thing. it's an 11:20 kick. FML

  2. Brett, just fuel the fire man, just fuel the fire!!