Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Threatdown Week 3

Time for a look down the schedule to see where we stand against coming opponents. Last week here.

LSULast week - Blasted Kent State 45-13. This week's opponent looks like a monster, but after TCU fizzled at Texas Tech, the Tigers don't look quite as daunting. More tomorrow on the Bayou Bengals. Threadown Level...unchanged.

Ole Miss Last week- Destroyed Texas on the road 44-23. Everything's big in Texas, including holes in the defense. Still, it is a solid road win for the Black Bears. Threatdown level...up moderately.

Western Carolina Last Week-Lost to Citadel 28-21. I'm surprised the Citadel ever loses. Ever read Lords of Discipline? doing pushups while somebody pees on you is motivation enough to win. Threatdown level...NONE.

Texas Aggies Last week-Lost to Bama 49-42. Johnny Football is entertaining for sure. But the Aggies D made Bama's offense entertaining. You know how hard that is to do??? Threatdown Level....down slightly, but still very high.

FAU Last week-Beat South Florida 28-10. Remember when USF was good? Well they suck now, and FAU tooked care of business, though sloppy. Threatdown Level...Flatlined.

Arkansas Last week-Beat Southern Miss 24-3 Remember when Southern Miss was good? Well they suck now. Arkansas hasn't played anybody decent yet, except for maybe Samford, who is decent enough in FCS. Threatdown level...down slighly.

Tennessee Last week-Lost or Oregon 59-14. Yep, you read that right. The Vols looked overmatched, and I cannot understand how a team with such history and tradition gets embarrased like that. I say that and then remember Auburn in 2012. Threatdown Level...Down a bit from last week.

Georgia Last week- Bye Georgia's D looked pretty good this week. Threatdown level...unchanged.

Bama Last week- Beat A&M 49-42. Bama still has some work to do, even though all the folks here in Bama-ham have already coronated the Tide for their 200th national title. Threatdwn level...unchanged.

Tomorrow, I will preview LSU, and highlight their new convicted felon running back program.

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