Saturday, September 7, 2013

Arky State Preview

Twilight has ruined Red Wolves forever .

This is a scary weekend for the Tigers. Not as scary as that crap Twilight* movie the Mrs wanted to watch the other night. Vampires and wolves and vampire babies and vampire weddings. I think Selena Roberts wrote the screenplay. It was as close to watching Auburn 2012 as anything I could imagine.

Gus's old team comes rolling into town with a 9 games winning streak, and a pretty good group of talented players. You might remember David Oku, whom everyone, including Auburn wanted badly.

Needless to say this game has me worried.

It's 1:30 pm on gameday (my apologies, life sometimes supplants my blogging) so I will keep this preview short.

Auburn wins if:

-Montravious Adams improves from his impressive first game performance and inspires some of the other lineman to step up their game.

-Nick Marshall settles down and lets the game come to him.

-The linebackers show up. (my biggest concern right now is this group)

-Receivers help Marshall out by actually, you know, catching the damn ball.

Arky State wins if:

-They establish a running game.

-If they hold Auburn to more than their share of 3 and outs.

-Auburn turns the ball over.

I have heard quite a few talking heads say this one could be an upset. I don't see. Auburn wins tonight, but inside the number...

Auburn 35

Mascot from terrible teen movie- 24

Every once in a while my wife likes to watch these horrible chick movies like twilight. She told me she's also excited about 50 Shades of Grey coming out. I told her I didn't know she was into porn.

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