Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Schedule Glance After Week 1

Today we look down the schedule and analyze the threat level of our future opponents based on their performance. We'll use the old cold-war Def-Con system to grade the level of concern.*

Arkansas State: Last week-defeated Arkansas Pine Bluff 62-11 and rushed for over 500 yards. Granted, it was Arky-Pine Bluff, but 500 yards rushing?! My guess is they don't get half of that Saturday. DEF CON 4

Mississippi St Last Week-Lost to Oklahoma State 21-3, and looked bad doing it. Tyler Russell got knocked out and likely will not play this week. At home, I like our chances to whip the Bulldogs. We'll give them a DEF-CON 3, just because they are an SEC team.

LSU- Last week-defeated TCU 37-27, and looked damn impressive doing it. LSU can run the ball and to me appeared be the most impressive team from the SEC in week 1. DEF-CON 1

Ole Miss- Last week-Defeated Vandy 39-35. Ole Miss snatched victory from the jaws of defeat from the Dores in Nashville last Thursday night. They were streaky against a scrappy Vanderbilt team, but they absolutely could not stop the run, so until they can prove otherwise, DEF CON 3

Western Carolina- Last week- lost to MTSU 35-24. Western is a not-even-mediocre FCS team. Good time for a weekend leave. DEF-CON 5

Texas A & M Last week- defeated Rice 52-31. Johnny Football looks ready to torpedo his own team. His antics cannot be good for that locker room. I may even have to (throws up in mouth a little) pull for Bama against the Aggs. DEF CON 2

Florida Atlantic Last week-Lost to Miami 34-6, and looked pretty anemic offensively. Should be an easy W. DEF-CON 5

Arkansas Last Week-Impressive win over La-Lafayette 34-14. Arkansas looked ready to play, which is impressive given all of their injuries. Can Burt actually coach? I wasn't counting on that in the pre-season. After a good win over La-La,and given AU's recent history in Fayetteville DEF-CON 2 for now.

Tennessee Last Week-defeated Austin Peay 45-0. The Vols got an opening win, and they need to win them when they can with this schedule. They have a pretty big talent gap to make up. DEF-CON 3

Georgia Last Week-Lost to Clemson 38-35. Georgia played well against Clemson. Murray was solid as was the run game. Defensively, UGA showed that they are replacing a ton of talent. Growing pains expected, DEF-CON 1, based on what I saw.

Bama Last Week-Defeated Va Tech 35-10. Bama's offensive looked downright bad against Va Tech, who has a respectable defense. Nick Saban predictably bites the heads off of the poor beat writers who have to cover him. Based on what I saw Saturday, The Tide has some work to do. Still DEF CON 1

*I used this imperfect system to grade our chances against these teams. 5 obviously means high probability of a win, and 1, well, you know. This can change week to week, and it ain't perfect, especially after week 1.

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