Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The "It's almost football season (thank God)" Post

Who would have thought in January that this offseason would be the most unenjoyable for this AU fan. You'd figure after a National title and a Heisman trophy, we'd be able to enjoy an offseason. Not so.

Brickbat after brickbat has been hurled in the direction of East Alabama, mainly aimed at Cam Newton. I get it, I guess. The most dominant season maybe ever by a college football player will draw the ire of the rest of the football world, especially when it's done with style and bravado. If Cam played for another team in the SEC last year, I wouldn't like him. He made SEC football look easy. He would run over, around and by you and then smile. You love the guy if he plays for your team. You hate him otherwise. I get that...I guess.

What I don't get is the other stuff. The HBO special trots out a collection of former Auburn malcontents such as Chaz "ski trip during back rehab" Ramsey, whohad a promising career, then needed surgery to correct a bad back, then went on a ski trip, then sued the trainer, the lost his lawsuit, and so on and so forth until HBO calls. Bone to pick much, Chaz?

Stanley McClover was the featured hitman of the story, who reportedly was given bags of cash, women, drugs, guns, purple drank, etc to play college football. If you have this in your DVR pay close attention in the story when he says he never cared to count the money the Auburn (and I am really beginning to hate this term) bagman gave him. It obviously contained monopoly money because when when you're given tens of thousands of dollars to play college football, you shouldn't have to bum rides from the punter. It came out later that HBO "donated" money to Stanley's favorite charity, which according to my unnamed sources is Stanley.

McClover's story is a sad one indeed. He ignored advice and came out early, only to discover he wasn't ready. He felt like Tubs didn't do enough or make enough calls to help him get drafted. In Tub's defense, he probably couldn't get a signal from his favorite duck blind in BFE Arkansas.

The Coup de Grace in all of the offseason mudslinging was only guy in my book who could knock Thayer Evans off of douche-bag mountain. Sports by Brooks,is apparentley living breathing proof that Facebook is now part of the journalism curriculum at Georgia. This guy jumps makes this association: Some AU Tigerettes are university employees, therefore all Tigerettes are prostitutes.

I don't want to rehash this too much because Brooks has been taken to the woodshed enough lately, but AU Tigerettes are unpaid and not on scholarship, except for the precious few who do manage to get jobs around campus, and yes, some occur in the athletic department. But if Brooks had one shred of decency, he would have pointed out this was the norm all over the conference. Thing is, he didn't.

All of this crap this offseason has been a downer for me. I told Rob the other day it makes me like college football less. I'm sure I will get over that as soon as the ball kicks off on Labor Day weekend.

Until then, I leave you with this little nugget I got from an unnamed source.


  1. .....Don't despair! I've enjoyed this offseason plenty! When I get my yardwork done early on the weekends, you'll likely find me plugged in with my headphones. I'll be re-watching the Iron Bowl, or the SEC Title game, or the Tattooine Bowl. I dial up some of those AUHD videos from the Auburn Youtube channel, and turn it up.

    .....Oddsmakers make ridiculous claims every week. I'd not worry until DS has something substantial to say. "We've got 9 out of 10 guaranteed winners!" Yeah, right.

    Acid Reign

  2. Can you please tell me when the University of Updyke won 7 National Championships after 1983? I know this is a Updyke football program from 1983, hence Walter Lewis. We know they can't spell (see last years Miss St football tickets) and now they can't add. Typical. If you believe a lie long enough, it comes true.

    Keep up the great work! Great radio show, too!

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