Monday, August 29, 2011

Dr. Z's Lookahead for 2011

So I decided to go ahead and make my predictions for 2011, although I must tell you, take it with a grain please. I honestly have no idea how 2011 will turn out.

Utah State-Good choice in n opener for a completely new AU team. Win 51-24

Mississippi State: The team that actually did have a bag man comes to town for what should be a war. Mullin is a good coach, but he's a whiny sore loser in recruiting. Win: 21-17

Clemson: We head to Auburn with a lake for our first road test. We'll be ready because Clemson looks so much like home our guys barely notice a difference. Win: 28-17

Florida Atlantic: The owls come to town for a beatdown. Win 48-10

South Carolina: I have in-laws that are Gamecock fans. They are still smarting over the beatdown in the championship game. One wouldn't shut up telling what a cheater Cam Newton was in the middle of a funeral. Loss: 24-21

Arkansas: On paper, this one doesn't look good. The Hogs will be out for blood, playing at home. They are my SEC west pick. Loss: 38-28

Florida: The Gators come to town to renew a rivalry. To inspire his team, Will Muschamp will bite the head off of a live Tiger. Charlie Weiss steps in and asks "are you gonna finish that?" Win: 28-17

LSU-Rob actually wants to go to this game. I told him he should if he wants to get cussed out an spit on by an eight year old, then get offered gumbo by the boy's mother. Win 13-10

Ole Miss-Houston Nutt may wish he'd have taken one of the several jobs he was allegedly offered in the past. Win: 38-21

Georgia-After a needed week off, Auburn travels to Athens for the oldest rivalry in the south. Mark Richt is on life support at this point. Win: 23-21

Samford- Pat Sullivan brings his Bulldogs to town. We show our former Heisman trphy winner all the respect in the world, by only hanging 50 on him. Win: 56-10

Bama- The best defense in the history of college football, according to some. "Some" say you don't replace a Cam Newton and expect to contend. Funny how "some" ever say you don't replace a Julio Jones or Mark Ingram and expect to contend. Win 17-16

There you have it. Holy cow! Did I just pick us to win 10 games??? Guess so, but I live in a glass is half full world.

War Eagle everybody.

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