Thursday, August 18, 2011

I. am. so. over. this.

D-bag much?

So if you tuned into the Finebaum show yesterday, you likely wasted four hours of your life. But then some would argue that happens to anyone who tunes in from 2-6.

Sheridan came on back during media days with Paul and basically wrote a check with his mouth. It bounced yesterday. Badly.

The entire college football world has been turned on its side recently in Miami. Who knew the U was paying for hookers, strip joints, boats, jet skis, etc.

Honestly the way Miami has performed over the last 9 years, the was the worst money spent since I took my wife to see "The Tourist". But I digress...

Sheridan hoped to make a big splash, but he doesn't have it. He isn't 100% sure. But he can't come out and say that, so he predictably hides behind an attorney, goes on the air and tells the listeners nothing.

Barrett Sallee tells you all you need to know about yesterday:
If Sheridan's source is telling the truth, legal action is out the window. There's no defense from the truth, so if the name Sheridan claims to have is, in fact, the "bagman," Sheridan has nothing to worry about from a legal perspective. Clearly, he's not 100 percent confident that the information he has is accurate.

I am amazed by this self-perpetuating wet dream that some Bammers have about Cam Newton and Auburn. I've heard better conspiracy theories from the Birthers or the 9-11ers.

Get over it folks. 28-27 happened. Auburn winning the BCS happened. The best QB in the history of college football happened. If Yahoo sports can't find a story, then it likely isn't there.

So Mr. Sheridan, if you wonder where that vinegar and lavender smell is coming from, it's you, D-bag.

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