Monday, November 12, 2012

Georgia Review (AU 0 Georgia 38)

This team has become heartbreaking. There's nothing left to say. Attempting to summarize all of our inadequacies has become a chore I'm no longer willing to dedicate the required effort to get done...because frankly I could go on for days. If the writing is not on the wall to the Auburn power brokers that matter then I am left with serious questions regarding the leadership structure at Auburn University. Do us all a favor and act swiftly and boldly. Don't dangle your toes in the water and gauge public sentiment. Go make a splash and give us hope again. Because entering rivalry football games with zero hope has us all doubled over in agony. There's no excuse for it, it's an embarrassment, the alumni and fan base deserve better as do the young men stepping into battle each week seemingly ill-prepared, over-matched, fundamentally flawed, and passionless. Get them the help they need to save us all from the product we continue to field. It's a train wreck and we've seen enough. Surely you have as well.


  1. Soooo, what are your predictions for the rest of the season??

  2. She's thinking "He made me stay for this game and now he's ignoring me and reading Rob Pate's tweets. Whatevs, I'm way too hot for him anyway."

    He's thinking "I hope Super T is still playing the Sig Ep house tonight..."

  3. Those kids look pretty Atlanta Suburbs-y so she's probably thinking "I should've scored higher on those SATs. I could've gotten into Georgia."

    He is too drunk for thoughts.

    But we can all agree her hotness is being wasted on him.