Monday, November 12, 2012

Dr. Z's UGA Reax: Heath Evans, Private Security Firms, etc

So let's recap the week:

It comes out that Auburn hired a private security firm to keep players in the dorm rooms by 2300 hours (that's 11 PM to non military and college students)> I'm sure that's helpful in firming up that trust that players and coaches have in each other. How is Ashton Richardson supposed to deal with this? Word has it that he can't/won't leave the library until 1 AM.

If you're down on the plains and you're wondering what those silent helicopters are doing, they are just looking out for the players best interests.

Tango has made it successfully to U103. Roger and out.

From what I hear Jack Bauer couldn't get into the athletic offices on campus right now. But I have seen this kind of behavior before...Saddam Hussein was kind of like the Auburn coaching staff before we invaded.

I kid about this but it speaks volumes about the mindset in Auburn right now. The fact that assistant coaches are calling former AU players who speak negatively about the state of the program tells me these guys absolutely know that they are under siege.

This guy knows something about coaches. He's played for A-holes like Saban and Bellicek.

On Friday, Heath Evans ripped Gene Chizik's program a new one. He basically said all of the things that we all feared about this coaching staff. I don't know the guy but Rob does. I would take every word of what Evans said as the gospel truth, because he has spilled the same blood in the same mud as the players who are there now. Don't be surprised if you don't hear a little more from Heath Evans in the near future.

There was a game Saturday, and the result was predictable. We got our asses handed to us once again.

The have absolutely quit. I'm not a former player so I guess no assistant will call, but it case they would like to. I will say it again. THEY QUIT. THEY ARE DONE.

For that matter so are the Auburn faithful. Auburn President Jay Gogue had better make the right call in coming weeks or the Auburn family will be in full on mutiny.

War Eagle.


  1. This season has been so sad. I actually spent more money this year on gameday attire than in the previous 10 years combined. I was ready! I was fired up! I was ALL IN!

    It seems the players and coaches have not reached my level of enthusiasm. The players talk of not giving up but their play, as a group, has been far below expectations. If they haven't given up are we to assume they were grossly over rated as recruits coming out of high school? Does the blame lie with the coaches? Where is the pride the players should take in their performance? Why did the coaches feel the need to hire a security firm to do curfew checks? Where is the trust? Where is the senior leadership?

    Too many questions. No answers. Hopefully we are not looking at mutiny but with Jay Jacobs at the helm it may be inevitable.

  2. I think that it is quite extreme to get security to avoid them to leave the run but It helps a lot people really into per head