Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fall Camp Musings

Well, we can all tell it is August just based on the inane bullcrap that gets spewed for lack of news.

First we hear of Jovon Robinson being removed from the practice fiel due to a conselor changing his transcript. Of course, Auburn did it, right? I mean only Auburn has the power to do such things. I mean, after ll they were totally busted by the NCAA for paying Cam Newton $200K. Oh wait, no they weren't.

Which is why of couse the Atlanta Journal's Constitution's Recruiting columnist Michael Carvell decided to say that the NCAA was investigating Rueben Foster' commitment to Auburn when actually, it was the AHSAA checking in to make sure Foster's transfer to Auburn High was Kosher. It gets cleared up a bit here. I still haven't seen a retraction or apology from the AJC o Carvell. And ESPN and Yahoo sports are still saying NCAA. Good luck, Mr. Carvell, on becoming the next Joe Schadd. You are well on your way.

On the actual football field, Auburn is enjoying an embarrasing wealth of defensive linemen as well as a great deal of depth in the backfield.

Qustion marks abound at quarterback, but the smart money is on Keihl Frazier over Clint Moseley, who still appears to have the same dead arm he battled all spring. I am optimistic about Frazier, mainly because in this offense he doesn' have to be Cam Newton. He has to manage the game and make a play every once in a while. I also kep hearing bout what a good kid we have in freshman Jonathan Wallace. He has been one of those under the radar guys that will shine one day.

Finally, I have heard some message board rumors about my esteemed co-blogger being injured severely over weekend. Let me be the first to reassure you all that Rob is OK. He just won't be dancing anytime soon.

Over the weekend Rob was at his neighborhood pool when just yards away a young girl on her bicycle was hit by a car (the young lady wound up with a broken leg, but she'll be fine). Rob, in an attempt to be the good samaratan he always is, jumped the fence of the pool to try to aid the young girl in the accident. While jumping, Rob stuck the landing...literally, into some pruned shrubbery that went right into both feet. Rob required stitches in th bottoms of both feet and is not able to walk fo two weeks, causing the mot bizarre injury since I pulled my hamstring vacuming a couple years ago.

He was heard murmuring something about being glad that this happened now and not two years from now because under Obamacare, they would have jut amputated his feet.

Paging Dr. Hawking

My goodness, is everyone as ready for some real football news? Bring on Clemp-son.

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