Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dr. Z's Clemson Forecast


So it's the rubber match game against the team with the coach with the stupid name.

My thought on Dabo is that he is borrowed time. I still question his coaching chops, and I wonder if the Clemson fan base will put up with him after another year of blowing games he should win and getting blown out in big games with a plethora of talent.

I still like Clemson. I enjoy the fans that I know from my wife's home state. They long to break from mediocrity. Last year they thought they had made it, only to get embarrassed by Darth Visor in the regular season finale and then get really embarrassed by West Virginia in the bowl game.

Clemson ended a long losing streak to Auburn last year in a game where it looked like the Navy Tigers would blow them out early in the game. I still am unsure as to what actually happened in Death Valley (the Clemson version that is). I think it was a combination of not running (name redacted)* enough and putting too much on Barrett Trotter. Barrett went in the tank after halftime and didn't get out again until the Chick Fil A Bowl. I often wonder if the season would have been better had the Clemson had a different outcome.

Ready for my first football cliche of 2012? This game will be won or lost in the trenches. And to me, it will come down to whose inexperienced O-line performs. Clemson is all kindsa banged up on the front. Auburn has loads of talent and potential, but almost no experience on the offensive front.

Auburn's defensive line is being touted as one of the best in the country. I don't see how Clemson is able to maintain a rushing attack if Auburn tackles well. Tajh Boyd is a very good quarterback, but has a propensity to throw the ball up for grabs. If Ford Lemonier, Equae, Sanders, etc (man do we have a truckload of good defensive ends) get pressure, and there is no reason to think they won't get pressure, Boyd may have a long day.

I think Auburn wins this game, running the ball effectively and controlling the clock. I don't think we'll see many more of the 41-38 type games anymore, but I do think it will be in the 20's somewhere.

To all the fans going over to the ATL, try not to make fun of the sad, sad Tennessee fans on Saturday after they lose the JV game to N.C.State Friday night. Otherwise have a blast!

Dr. Z's pick:
Auburn 27
Clemp-son 21

*I will never mention Michael Dyer's name again on this blog. He's dead to me

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