Thursday, January 19, 2012

Offensive Coordinator Guesswork

Now that BVG and his pornstache are in town fixing the AU defense, our thoughts now turn to who will run the Auburn offense in 2012.

Speculation is out there that Chizik has a guy in mind that is currently coaching in the NFL playoffs. I keep hearing Greg Roman of the 49er's might be one guy Chiz has in mind, but he is also rumored for the Penn State job. Better be ready to put up some points in you're headed to PSU, Greg.

The debate goes on whether or not Auburn should switch to a pro-style offense or stay with the spread. I really think Coach Chiz is leaning towards going back to a pro-style offense, and evidence points to that with the addition of an all-American fullback Jay Prosch, who, if you don't know by now, decided to transfer to be closer to his Mom in Mobile who is battling cancer.

I speculated about a former AU OC that now coaches at Michigan. I think Borges would do well back on the plains. His problem wasn't X's and O's, it was Jimmy and Joes, as he once said. Having great talent does not appear to be a big problem with the current recruits Auburn continues to sign. Borges did an outstanding job this year with Denard Robinson. I really wish we could get him back, though I doubt he would come.

It should be an interesting couple of weeks for Auburn. An exciting hire will likely ensure another great recruiting class for the Tigers.


  1. so would you consider the Loeffler hire an exciting one? I'm interested to see how this is going to work out but I'm not blown away right now. not trying to be pessimistic, I just thought with the 40 days we took, we had a bigger fish in mind.....

  2. How about some comments on the new coaches and the recruiting class Guys? Some of us don't get to hear you on the radio.